I am a Kung Master. Specialised in power hitting and practical street defence. I have created the cutting edge, state of the art in Executive Protection Protocol by going east while everyone else was going west. Looking at the Safety Need in Maslow Hierarchy of Needs from a refreshing angle. This is a game changer when it comes to personal safety.

Have over 40 years experience in martial arts ranging from karate, judo, tae kwan do, tong long, wing chun, siu lam, and tong kune do among others. Have been tested, competed and won in both official and "unofficial" tournaments. Have given seminars in USA, taught Hollywood stars like Ernie Reyes Snr( star of Surf Ninjas), Ernie Reyes Jnr(star of Welcome Back To The Jungle), Daniel Goddard(star of The Beastmaster).
Have doubled the punching power of black belts from the 13 Gears of Motion I created. Authored Self Defense The Smart Way, Created the Master Class in Executive Protection Protocol.